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Past Publications


Armstrong, R.P., Fender, R.P., Nicolson, G.D., Ratcliffe, S., Linares, M., Horrell, J., Richter, L., Schurch, M., Coriat, M., Woudt, P.A., Booth, R., Jonas, J., Fanaroff, B., A Return to Strong Radio Flaring by Circinus X-1 observed with the Karoo Array Telescope test array KAT-7, 2013, MNRAS 433, 1951-1957 (NASA/ADS link

Woudt, P.A., Fender, R.P., Armstrong, R.P., Carignan, C., Early Science with the Karoo Array Telescope test array KAT-7, 2013, SAJS 109 (7/8)


Curran, P.A., Coriat, M., Miller-Jones, J.C.A., Armstrong, R.P., Edwards, P.G., Sivakoff, G.R., Woudt, P.A., Altamirano, D., Belloni, T.M., Corbel, S., Fender, R.P., Koerding, E.G., Krimm, H.A., Markoff, S., Migliari, S., Russell, D.M., Stevens, J., Tzioumis, T., The Evolving Polarized Jet of Black Hole Candidate Swift J1745-26, 2014, MNRAS 437, 3265-3273 (NASA/ADS link)


Coppejans, D.L., Kording, E.G., Miller-Jones, J.C.A., Rupen, M.P., Knigge, C., Sivakoff, G.R., Groot, P.J., Novalike cataclysmic variables are significant radio emitters, 2015, MNRAS 451, 3801-3813 (NASA/ADS link)