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Publications (MeerKAT)


Espinasse, M., Corbel, S., Kaaret, P., Tremou, E., Migliori, G., Plotkin, R.M., Bright, J., Tomsick, J., Tzioumis, A., Fender, R., Orosz, J.A., Gallo, E., Homan, J., Jonker, P.G., Miller-Jones, J.C.A., Russell, D.M., Motta, S., Relativistic X-ray jets from the black hole X-ray binary MAXI J1820+070, 2020, ApJ, 895, L31 (NASA/ADS link)

Hewitt, D.M., Pretorius, M.L., Woudt, P.A., Tremou, E., Miller-Jones, J.C.A., Knigge, C., Segura, N.C., Williams, D.R.A., Fender, R.P., Armstrong, R., Groot, P., Heywood, I., Horest, A., van der Horst, A.J., Koerding, E., McBride, V.A., Mooley, K.P., Rowlinson, A., Stappers, B., Wijers, R.A.M.J., A MeerKAT survey of nearby novalike cataclysmic variables, 2020, MNRAS, advanced access (NASA/ADS link)

Bright, J.S., Fender, R.P., Motta, S.E., Williams, D.R.A., Moldon, J., Plotkin, R.M., Miller-Jones, J.C.A., Heywood, I., Tremou, E., Beswick, R., Sivakoff, G.R., Corbel, S., Buckley, D.A.H., Homan, J., Gallo, E., Tetarenko, A.J., Russell, T.D., Green, D.A., Titterington, D., Woudt, P.A., Armstrong, R.P., Groot, P.J., Horesh, A., van der Horst, A.J., Koerding, E.G., McBride, V.A., Rowlinson, A., Wijers, R.A.M.J., An extremely powerful long-lived superluminal ejection from the black hole MAXI J1820+070, 2020, Nature Astronomy, advanced access (NASA/ADS link)

Tremou, E., Corbel, S., Fender, R.P., Woudt, P.A., Miller-Jones, J.C.A., Motta, S.E., Heywood, I., Armstrong, R.P., Groot, P., Horesh, A., van der Horst, A., Koerding, E., Mooley, K.P., Rowlinson, A., Wijers, R.A.M.J., Radio & X-ray detections of GX 339-4 in quiescence using MeerKAT and Swift, 2020, MNRAS, 493, L132-L137 (NASA/ADS link)

Khangale, Z.N., Potter, S.B., Woudt, P.A., Buckley, D.A.H., Semena, A.N., Kotze, E.J., Groenewald, D.N., Hewitt, D.M., Pretorius, M.L., Fender, R.P., Groot, P., Bloemen, S., Klein-Wolt, M., Koerding, E., Le Poole, R., McBride, V.A., Townsend, L., Paterson, K., Pieterse, D.L.A., Vreeswijk, P., A spectroscopic, photometric, polarimetric, and radio study of the eclipsing polar UZ For: the first simultaneous SALT and MeerKAT observations, 2020, MNRAS 492, 4298-4312 (NASA/ADS link)

Williams, D.R.A., Motta, S.E., Fender, R., Bright, J., Heywood, I., Tremou, E., Woudt, P., Buckley, D.A.H., Corbel, S., Coriat, M., Joseph, T., Rhodes, L., Sivakoff, G.R., van der Horst, A.J., The 2018 outburst of BHXB H1743-322 as seen with MeerKAT, 2020, MNRAS 491, L29-L33 (NASA/ADS link)

Driessen, L.N., McDonald, I., Buckley, D.A.H., Caleb, M., Kotze, E.J., Potter, S.B., Rajwade, K.M., Rowlinson, A., Stapper, B.W., Tremou, E., Woudt, P.A., Fender, R.P., Armstrong, R., Groot, P., Heywood, I., Horesh, A., van der Horst, A.J., Koerding, E., McBride, V.A., Miller-Jones, J.C.A., Mooley, K.P., Wijers, R.A.M.J., MKT J170456.2-482100: the first transient discovered by MeerKAT, 2020, MNRAS 491, 560-575 (NASA/ADS link)


Russell, T.D., Tetarenko, A.J., Miller-Jones, J.C.A., Sivakoff, G.R., Parikh, A.S., Rapisarda, S., Wijnands, R., Corbel, S., Tremou, E., Altamirano, D., Baglio, M.C., Ceccorello, C., Degenaar, N., van den Eijnden, J., Fender, R., Heywood, I., Krimm., H.A., Lucchini, M., Markoff, S., Russell, D.M., Soria, R., Woudt, P.A., Disk-jet coupling in the 2017/2018 outburst of the Galactic black hole candidate X-ray binary MAXI J1535-571, 2019, ApJ, 883, id. 198 (21 pp.) (NASA/ADS link)


Fender, R., Woudt, P.A., Armstrong, R., Groot, P., McBride, V., Miller-Jones, J., Mooley, K., Stappers, B., Wijers, R., Bietenholz, M., Blyth, S., Bottcher, M., Buckley, D., Charles, P., Chomiuk, L., Coppejans, D., Corbel, S., Coriat, M., Daigne, F., de Blok, W.J.G., Falcke, H., Girard, J., Heywood, I., Horesh, A., Horrell, J., Jonker, P., Joseph, T., Kamble, A., Knigge, C., Koerding, E., Kotze, M., Kouveliotou, C., Lynch, C., Maccarone, T., Meintjes, P., Migliari, S., Murphy, T., Nagayama, T., Nelemans, G., Nicholson, G., O'Brien, T., Odendaal, A., Oozeer, N., Osborne, J., Perez-Torres, M., Ratcliffe, S., Ribeiro, V., Rol, E., Rushton, A., Scaife, A., Schurch, M., Sivakoff, G., Staley, T., Steeghs, D., Stewart, I., Swinbank, J., van der Heyden, K., van der Horst, A., van Soelen, B., Vergani, S., Warner, B., Wiersema, K., ThunderKAT: The MeerKAT Large Survey Project for Image-Plane Radio Transients, 2017, in "MeerKAT Science: On the Pathway to the SKA", eds. R. Taylor et al. Proceedings of Science, Vol. 277, id. 13. (NASA/ADS link)